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When it comes to a trusted partner in organic spice products, Trove Ceylon remains dedicated to producing the finest ingredients for the world to enjoy. Our technology-driven processes infused with the time-tested cultural harvesting practices of local farmers work synergistically to create truly sustainable, organic and ethically sourced produce.

Our drive, passion and vision to bring Sri Lankan spice to the limelight push us to ensure that our customers are satisfied and our processes are constantly improved upon to keep us at the top of our game.

As we cater to a growing export market, we take care to ensure that all our products undergo rigorous quality assurance and food safety protocols, all while creating a path for local farming communities to grow alongside us as well.

Our vanilla

At Trove Ceylon, we understand the importance of high-quality Vanilla.

Vanilla forms the foundation for many of the sweet dishes that grace the menus of restaurants and hotels. At the very beginning of its cultivation process, this much sought-after ingredient is the fruit of an orchid plant that eventually grows to become a dark brown bean pod.

Once extracted, its essence or even its raw form is beloved across the world for the delights it helps create in the form of syrups, ice cream, fragrances, beverages and a plethora of other desserts.

While there is a vast spectrum of vanilla, there are only one species that can provide the value to the culinary world that it is known for today. Bourbon Vanilla, the most superior type of all, comes from Madagascar, has a lot of vanillin and its natural flavour molecule is responsible for vanilla’s distinct taste.

This stunning ingredient, also considered the world’s second most expensive spice, has such a reputation, predominantly due to the labour-intensive processes associated with its harvesting as the blossoms need to be hand pollinated individually. With long cycles in the preparation process extreme care needs to be taken to ensure that each bean can showcase a high vanillin content.

When considering the invigorating aroma & flavour of the beans, it is a sensation that is hard to resist and well worth the time and effort spent in farming, harvesting and sourcing a high-quality product.

Ceylon Vanilla

We at Trove Ceylon offer our customers with the finest Bourbon Vanilla produced in Sri Lanka, where Our farmers go through the entire process of hand pollination, dipping, sweating, sunning and drying to provide our clients with the finest quality of Ceylon Vanilla. Our locally grown Ceylon Vanilla is coffee black /chocolate brown in color and contains 1% - 2% of Vanillin, giving it a gentler flavour and smokiness than other Vanilla varieties in the global market.

Vanilla buds (cured)
Vanilla Green Beans
Vanilla Essence (Alcoholic /Non-alcoholic Vanilla extract)
Vanilla Powder
Vanilla Pot Cuts
Vanilla sugar

Ceylon Cinnamon

At Trove Ceylon, we understand the importance of high-quality Ceylon Cinnamon.

Ceylon Cinnamon will always have a special place in the global market. It has had a long history, where it was considered the best Cinnamon in the world. Its botanical name, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, is in direct reference to the old name that was given to Sri Lanka.

This connection is extraordinary when considering that Ceylon Cinnamon is still referred to as 'True Cinnamon' due to the endemic nature of this plant on the island. Unfortunately, attempts to produce this plant elsewhere has only been slightly successful, as the overall quality of the Cinnamon drops significantly.

Ceylon Cinnamon is intensely aromatic, has a strong taste and is much less coarse than Cassia. It is sweet, pleasant, warm and but hardly bitter or astringent. Compared to its relatives, Ceylon Cinnamon has a fresh or lively tone missing in all other Cinnamon species such as Cassia.

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