About Trove Ceylon

Trove Ceylon is an exporter of certified organic Ceylon products based in Sri Lanka.

With such a rich history and fruitful conditions within the island, we were inspired to bring the value of Sri Lankan spices to meet the demands of the international marketplace. By doing so, we hope to get the recognition that the island truly deserves.

As we work to bring this treasure trove of spices to the limelight once again, we do so with an ethos deeply grounded in the values of uplifting the farmers and cultivators of the spices. Our dream is to ensure that we bring the correct value to the locally produced spices and take measures to provide farmers with a fair market value for their intricate and underappreciated.

What we offer

Trove Ceylon is proud to bring to the world the true beauty of Sri Lankan spices. Our Sri Lankan plantations, cultivated with care and true to the traditions of a now bygone era, offering you the highest quality products with the truest flavour.

Why choose us

Being a member of the grower’s association in Sri Lanka, We at Trove Ceylon believe that the best way to trade is by making a product that is cultivated and cared for holistically and ethically. We also spare great attention to all parts of our supply chain to ensure that all of our valuable workforces get to reap the benefits of what we have set out to do.

Our sincerest hope is that by working with the farmers, we will create a product worth buying. Additionally, we also hope that our farmers will grow alongside us as we look towards the future together.

Finally, we hope to keep pushing the envelope to give back to our farmer communities and continue improving the products you may purchase, whether this is Vanilla, our Cinnamon products or new products that we are planning to add to our portfolio in the future.

We Got You Covered

Minimum order quantities

We provide flexible minimum order quantities to our customers to make the buying process easier

Bulk packing services

We export in bulk to meet our customers’ needs

Value added packs

Our products can also be bought in packs, to meet your requirements and specifications.