Hidden within the isle of Sri Lanka is a beautiful spectrum of scents & flavours that elevate life with simply its presence. These organic treasures are the vast array of spices that have been sought after for hundreds of years and have shifted the way food and life are enjoyed across the globe.

Our Vision

Our core vision is to place ourselves at the forefront of the organic produce export market and bring recognition to the products that Sri Lanka has to offer the world.

Our Mission

We strive to develop a sustainable and beneficial value addition-based system that positively impacts farmers and producers to uplift Sri Lankan spice products and improve the spice production ecosystem overall.

Our Story

As noted by Marco Polo, or the 16th century Portuguese Admiral who stumbled across Sri Lanka's bounty of Cinnamon, Sri Lanka was long considered a crown jewel of the spice trade. Many of the spices produced in Sri Lanka have made their way to all corners of the world. From ginger, cloves and white pepper, this small island has been, without doubt, a treasure trove for those who have travelled in search of the most enticing of spices.

We, at Trove Ceylon, had embarked on a journey to reignite the vigour and lustre that was once associated with Sri Lanka spices when it was a central hub during the silk route

Message from the Team

We at Trove Ceylon has deeply grounded ourselves in the value and quality of the spice products produced within Sri Lanka. We are hard at work to ensure that regional neighbours and the entire world can experience the best that Sri Lankan spices offer.Additionally, all our farmers put their heart and soul into what they do, which pushes us to work hard to propel Trove Ceylon into the global sphere!

— Trove Ceylon, Sri Lanka

How We Work

The team at Trove Ceylon has spent months studying the products we have to offer. We have also explored how we can fulfil a global demand that requires quality and ethically sourced products. We believe the products in our inventory can hit the target and help bridge this gap currently in the market.

With various plantations on this idyllic island, we hope to revive global interest in Sri Lankan spices by preserving the highest quality possible. The unique characteristic of Sri Lankan spices is due to the micro-climatic zones that enhance our spices. This distinctive circumstance sets them well and truly apart from what the rest of the world offers.

With the help of our farmers, we strive to use the most effective cultivating and harvesting processes. We do this while maintaining stringent grading and production protocols. This process ensures that our wholesale customers can always rest assured that they receive the finest spice products on the market.

Socially Responsible

In our commitment to our products, we are also committing to our customers. However, most importantly, we are holding ourselves responsible for the hard work and expertise that our farmers provide us.

To that end, we have implemented a CSR programme that ensures that our business holds a deep appreciation for sustainability. We also wish to bring financial enrichment to those who toil day in and out to bring out the best in what we offer.

We hope that being in partnership with us will see them improve their livelihoods and help bring their businesses to the next level to benefit themselves and their families